Three of our young participants reflect on their journey to the Basque region of Spain to participate in a training course called “FAKE NEWS.”

Hello, from the Slovak girls! This project was our second one, but it was the first time we experienced a training course. Before our travel, we were concerned about how we would get to know people and learn new things in such a short amount of time – only 5 days. But, in the end, we were very surprised by the bond that we were able to create with others.we are very grateful for this experience.

In Bilbao, Spain, the theme of our training course was fake news. Each day, the program began with an energizer, followed by discussions on how each country combats fake news. We explored the main problems caused by fake news in different countries and shared tools to detect these false reports. The tasks were both group-based and individual, and we presented and discussed our ideas and observations with the other participants.

This project taught us a lot: we learned new information about the topic of fake news. We understood how to detect them, how each country fights against them, and so much more. We also discovered new places, got to know new cultures, and we really met wonderful people. It’s always very pleasant to know that in every country there are many smart, lovely, fun, and beautiful people who like to dance, haha! 💃 Thank you all!

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